Quote Of The Week: Learning To Talk About Money

LauraPerez for The Wall Street Journal

Laura Perez, for The Juggle, The Wall Street Journal

“Since I started writing (this column), I’ve asked myself—and my friends and family have asked me repeatedly—why I would dare to share details about my financial life in public.

Talking about money is one of the last great social taboos, seen as gauche, arrogant, cringe-worthy and, worst of all, boring.

But now that the end has come to my two years of breaking the taboo, I can report that my view has changed.

I now believe that an avoidance of conversations about money represents not so much good manners but a wasted opportunity.

Talking about our finances may be viewed as tacky, but that’s a small price to pay for what we can learn from each other—about money, about relationships, about life.”

Katy McLaughlin, talking about her two years writing “The Juggle” personal finance column for The Wall Street Journal, where she shared insights about how she and her husband made money, parenting, and other decisions in their marriage.

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