September Is Life Insurance Awareness Month

life insur awarenessSeptember is life insurance awareness month. Life insurance is all about making sure our loved ones would be protected if the unexpected happened.

Are you ready for the unexpected?

Here are some quick facts about life insurance you might not be aware of.

According to industry sources, 30% of U.S. households have no life insurance whatsoever.

Almost half of all Americans who have life insurance coverage don’t think they have enough.

If you’ve had a significant life change recently – like getting married or divorced, having or adopting a child, buying a home, or starting a business – you might need to reexamine your insurance coverage.

If your spouse, children or other family members would have trouble meeting everyday living expenses if you were to die today, you definitely need life insurance.

Many Americans overestimate the cost of life insurance. Term life insurance is extremely affordable for most people.

Financial Tip: We encourage all clients to call us to make time for a life insurance checkup. It’s quick, it’s easy and if you do need to make a change, the solution can be surprisingly affordable.






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