Use It Or Lose It: Work Longer To Avoid Dementia

senior electrician examining a ciruit boardIf you need another good reason to stay on the job longer, here it is.

Working longer may prevent dementia.

New research presented at this summer’s prestigious Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in  Copenhagen revealed additional insights into how to prevent Alzheimer’s and other diseases.

Prior studies have already shown that high levels of intellectual stimulation and social engagement help ward off dementia as you age.

That includes activities like doing crosswords, playing cards, reading, and spending time conversing with friends and family.

Now, you can add “working” to that list.

New French research from the Bordeaux School of Public Health suggests that “each additional year an older worker remained in the labor force further reduced the risk of being diagnosed with various forms of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease.”

We already know that working longer can help bridge the financial gap in retirement. Plus, for many people, it gives them the satisfaction of giving back to their profession or the community, provides meaning and purpose, and staves off boredom.

This new research might encourage more people to stay on the job, especially those with a family history or risk factors for Alzheimer’s who want to do everything possible to keep their mind in good working order.


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