What Women Want. Hint: It May Not Always Be A Promotion

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Women are more aware of the personal trade-offs required to achieve corporate success, and less willing to pay the price, suggests new research from Harvard Business School.

There’s interesting new research from Harvard Business School suggesting that women are less likely to climb up the corporate ladder for one simple reason: they have better things to do.

It seems that “women value power less than men” and can think of better things to do with their time than fight for the corner office.

In the study, the MBA grads surveyed said they felt they could “realistically attain” the same level of success as men, but they didn’t necessarily want to.

Women were less impressed by traditionally defined “power” career options than men, and placed greater importance on personal and family goals. They realized that career success often comes at a price, and were more aware of the trade-offs and less willing to sacrifice their other goals to climb the CEO ladder, than men.

“Women expect more stress, burden, conflicts, and difficult trade-offs to accompany high-level positions,” said Alison Wood Brooks, in a Bloomberg BusinessWeek interview.

Brooks is co-author of the paper and an assistant professor of business administration at Harvard.


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