What’s Wrong With Washington? Gridlock, Partisanship & Fake News

Dr Robert Watson of Boca’s Lynn University giving a great presentation on Washington dysfunction at South Florida FPA’s annual conference

Historian, book author and professor Dr. Robert Watson of Boca’s Lynn University stole the show at the 37th annual conference of the South Florida Financial Planning Association (FPA).

His dynamic presentation on dueling, name-calling and all-round bad behavior in Washington made him the undisputed ROCKSTAR of the event, helping to give the 100+ financial planners in attendance some historical perspective on why our nation’s capital is so dysfunctional and what it might mean for our political future.

Watson joked he had only 50 minutes to give us a historical overview of our capital’s “failure to communicate.” Of course, we all know a thorough understanding of what’s wrong in Washington today could take more than 50 hours. Great presentation, great insights. The good news? We all left with a greater appreciation of civility and why it’s such a critical element in our professional, personal and political life.

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