When Giving Thanks Can Make You Richer

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Taking time out to express your gratitude can make you richer in more than spirit, say researchers.

Did you know that feeling grateful and celebrating what you have can actually make you feel both happier and richer?

Erinn Bucklan, writing for the Washington Post, puts it this way:

“In our goal-oriented world, it can be hard to stop the constant striving and start savoring the riches you already have (monetary and otherwise). Yet feeling thankful — instead of obsessing about what more you want  — can bring about many positive changes.”

Research backs up the benefits of seeing the glass half-full.

People who “count their blessings every day” feel happier and more optimistic, says Bucklan, citing British studies published in Clinical Psychology Review.

And those who are grateful for what they have are “less materialistic” than people who are unsatisfied with their lives, according to Baylor University scientists. That leads to better money management habits, since they feel less need to splurge on material objects to fill an emotional void.

People who feel less satisfied with life tend to shop more to seek out that feeling of fulfillment from external sources. Needless to say, overspending can make it much harder for them to find true financial security and life satisfaction.

Meanwhile, says Bucklan, “people who regularly expressed thankfulness for what they already had actually felt happier and got to save their money.”

The Takeaway: Practice an “attitude of gratitude.” Give thanks for what you have, and measure success in ways other than what possessions you have accumulated.

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