Go Ahead. Have That Pumpkin Spiced Latte. It’s Good For You.

Enjoy that morning latte? I definitely do.

Here’s a good reason to drink up and enjoy.

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee found that women age 65 and up can reduce the likelihood of cognitive impairment and dementia by drinking coffee.

The study found that women consuming above average levels of caffeine were found to have a lower probability of developing dementia.

The study posits a “protective effect of caffeine and other bioactive components of coffee on cognition.”

With Americans living longer and reaching older ages, researchers fear that the incidence of dementia may quadruple by the year 2050, if a cure or effective treatment cannot be found.

They say there is “an alarming need for effective treatments that prevent, delay or slow the disease that is already the sixth leading cause of death in the developed world.”

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