Medical Marijuana Goes Mainstream

Don’t look now, but older Americans are the fastest-growing group of marijuana users in the U.S.

I knew that medical marijuana had gone mainstream when one of my clients told me she was getting her medical marijuana card to deal with chronic shoulder pain. What made us have a chuckle together over her admission? My client is in her mid-80s. Not your typical pothead, right?

Think again.

Medical marijuana is a hot topic nowadays, especially among older Americans, who make up the fastest-growing group of marijuana users in the U.S.

In my home state of Florida, more than 240,000 residents have received medical marijuana cards since January 2017, according to AARP.

Despite the considerable buzz over medical marijuana, there still seems to be a shortage of facts.

To learn more about the basics of medical marijuana – how it works, what it’s good for, and what we really don’t know yet – check out a special AARP report summarizing the research, the hype, and the reality.

Florida residents may also want to look at a recent Sun-Sentinel piece discussing the nuts and bolts of qualifying for a medical marijuana card in Florida.

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