Quote Of The Week: Americans Would Rather Clean Toilets Than Pick a Health Plan

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Working Americans would rather clean toilets than research the best health plan

“Most people spend less than 30 minutes researching health benefits.  Working Americans would rather clean their inboxes or toilets – and even do their taxes – than pick a health care plan.”

Janet Levaux, Editor in Chief of Research Magazine, “Some Americans Would Rather Clean Toilets Than Pick a Health Plan: Survey,” Think Advisor, September 22, 2015. The survey was conducted by insurance company Aflac.

Why should you care about your health plan? Let’s face it; health insurance is expensive, and picking the wrong plan can expose you to steep out-of-pocket costs. Aflac, which conducted the survey, found that more than half of employees chose a medical plan without considering the health care costs they were actually responsible for.

“By spending more time researching their options in order to better understand what the insurance plan pays for and what they’re liable for, consumers can make better choices and be better prepared for a serious health event,” said Matthew Owenby, senior vice president and chief human resources officer at Aflac.

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