Quote Of The Week: Taking Care of Aging Parents Harder Than Managing Small Kids

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Can you believe that caring for aging parents is even harder than THIS? That’s what caregivers say.

Taking care of aging adults is more draining than taking care of small children for most people, according to a study by Northwestern Mutual released Monday. Sixty percent of those surveyed say caring for two aging adults is more demanding than caring for two children ages 3 to 5.”

Karen DeMasters, “Americans Aren’t Prepared To Be Caregivers For Their Parents,” Financial Advisor magazine, December 2015

Do your aging parents need help? What makes caregiving even harder, said almost 70% of those surveyed, is that caring for parents can have a large financial impact on your own finances, since very few of our elders have in place a concrete plan for covering the costs of aging. How to cope? It’s not a big secret. Start planning now for future care needs.

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