Smile! It’s National Dog Week

This is Ovi, shown here helping to celebrate the birthday of his owner, our colleague Anthony LaBrake, CFP®. Just like Anthony, Ovi is a serious hockey fan.

Here’s something to put a smile on your face. It’s National Dog Week from September 22 though September 28.

Whether you have a faithful furry friend of your own, or you’re just a doting Fairy DogMother who pampers the neighborhood pets, there’s always something to celebrate when there’s a dog in the house.

Two out of three American households own pets. Americans shelled out over $17 billion last year for their vet care. Food, toys, and other necessities added on even more.  And medical experts tout the health benefits of pet ownership, which include lower blood pressure, reduced stress, lower incidents of heart disease, lower health care costs and a remedy for depression.

Ready to celebrate National Dog Week? Here’s 3 ways to show your best friend and most faithful companion that you really care:

Donate to a local shelter or dog rescue.  There are lots of dogs out there waiting for forever homes, says Pet News. Contact your local shelter to see how you can help out. You can donate food, toys, beds, towels and other supplies. If you’re a photographer, donate your talents to take “glamour shots” of dogs waiting to be adopted.

Treat your dog to a special outing. Maybe it’s time for a visit to one of Florida’s dog friendly beaches, a local dog park, or a long walk around the neighborhood. Couch potatoes might be happy with a car ride to the nearest pet store to pick out a treat. Heading farther afield? AAA has put together lists of more than 13,000 pet friendly partners, including hotels, restaurants, campgrounds, attractions and even dog parks, who are ready to roll out the red carpet for you and your best bud.

More info? Check out our article: “On The Road With Fido And Fluffy”

Protect your pet’s health by investing in pet medical insurance. My dog started experiencing seizures when she was only 6 years old, leading to years of heartache and human-sized bills for MRIs, medicine and treatment. In our financial planning and investment advisory practice, I see many young couples who run up big credit card bills covering costly pet medical interventions for everything from cancer treatments to orthopedic surgery.

More info? Check out our article: “How To Be A Loving Pet Parent: Health Care For Your ♥ Furry Friends”

When you love your dog, it’s hard to say no. I realized too late the value of pet insurance. If you’re a pet lover, take a look at pet insurance and see if it makes sense for you. It might make caring for your best friend a little less costly.


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