Yearly Family Health Care Costs Now Above $22,000

medical premiumsQuestion:  What does the average family of four pay each year in health care costs?

Answer: The average bill is now over $22,000 per year.

Of that amount, the typical employee pays about $9,144 on average (about 40% of the total), while the typical employer pays $12,886 (or 60% of the total).

Here’s a further breakdown:

The employee costs are split between the insurance premiums (about $5,544 in annual payroll deductions, or $462 each month) plus an additional $3,600 per year in out-of pocket costs not covered by the insurance.

These cost figures come from the 2013 Milliman Medical Index.

What’s striking, according to the study, is how these costs now dwarf other expenditures. According to the Milliman research:

“The total share of this cost borne directly by the family — $9,144 in payroll deductions and out-of-pocket costs — now exceeds the cost of groceries for the typical family of four.”

But there may be a silver lining, says Milliman.

“Over the long-term, elements of (the new Affordable Care Act) that expand insurance coverage may help reduce the average cost of care per service. With fewer uninsured patients, there’s potential to reduce the cost shifting that occurs when providers pass the cost of uncompensated care onto insured patients.”

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