You’re Invited! Girlfriend Getaways For The Solo Traveler (January 24-Lunch)

Exploring the alleyways in Mykonos (Courtesy: WanderWoman Tours)

“It’s not fair,” said our client Emily* (not her real name).

“I’ve worked really hard. I’ve saved money. I want to travel and go enjoy myself, but I don’t have anyone to go with.”

Sound familiar? Many women yearn to travel, but their significant other would rather stay home and watch the game rather than get on a plane.

Or they’re single, and they can’t find an adventure-minded girlfriend with the same schedule, budget and travel tastes.

Don’t despair. There’s no reason to stay home. There are plenty of small group travel opportunities open to the solo female traveler, and you can’t believe all the amazing places you can go!

I’ve traveled alone, with friends and family, and with small groups, and every option has exposed me to fantastic people, places and experiences.

Come join us for lunch on Thursday, January 24 to learn more about what’s new in travel for women and how you can explore the world on a Girlfriend Getaway even if you’re a solo traveler!

Our very special guest is Erja Lipponen, owner of Eurynome Journeys and WanderWoman® Tours based in Camden, Maine. With twenty years of travel expertise, her company arranges small group tours to Europe, the Middle East and a wellness retreat in Maine.

She’ll share what it’s like to go hiking in Santorini, stay in a 14th century Italian palace in Malta, and visit with the Greek gods in Athens, plus hand out practical tips about scouting out locations, and finding the right travel fit for you.

Please join us! To RSVP, please call Nadia Rullo at 561.417.0001 or email Friends welcome!

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