Irma Just A Bad Memory? Don’t Forget The Lessons Learned

Water, water everywhere, including in your home!

Hurricane Irma seems like it was years ago, but take a moment to ask yourself if you’re ready for next year.

Delray Beach insurance agent Mark Rindom and I spoke with journalist Kim Lankford of Kiplinger about flood insurance.

Yes, we know it isn’t a sexy topic, and it’s the last thing on your mind at the holidays.

But you need to take action now to get protected for next year. (You can’t get coverage right before a storm).

Flood insurance doesn’t cost that much, and it can totally save your bacon if your home is damaged by water in a storm (you do know that your regular property insurance doesn’t pay if your home is damaged by rising water, right?? Flood damage is an exclusion.).

And here’s the clincher. One out of five homes damaged by water are not even in risky flood zones. Just because your home is in a “safe” zone doesn’t mean you don’t need coverage.

Take a look at Kim’s article for Kiplinger and make a note to talk to your insurance agent after the New Year.

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