Under My Umbrella

An umbrella insurance policy can protect you when things get ugly out there.

Rihanna’s not the only one to appreciate a good umbrella in bad weather.

Many people should look into purchasing an umbrella insurance policy to keep their assets safe. It can provide a lot of protection for not a lot of money.

We recently talked about this easy way to protect your assets with financial columnist Kim Lankford of Kiplinger Personal Finance magazine.

“An umbrella liability policy is one of the most overlooked but important ways to limit your financial risk,” we told Kim.

Kim explained how an umbrella policy works. “The coverage kicks in if you injure someone or cause property damage and are sued for more than the liability limits on your homeowners or car insurance,” she wrote.

The good news? An umbrella policy is usually fairly low cost and can be added to your existing insurance coverages. For more information, talk to the insurance agent who insures your car or home.

You can check out Kim’s Kiplinger article here.

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