Good News For Investors: Schwab Slashes Investment Costs Once Again

Zero transaction costs on stocks & ETFs help make investing accessible to all

Schwab dropped a bombshell Tuesday morning.

Starting October 7, Schwab is lowering online commissions for U.S. stocks, ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) and options to zero. These savings will be passed through to you, as our investment advisor client.

Lower costs will help you keep more of what you make.

“Almost forty five years ago, Chuck Schwab made investing more accessible to all Americans with the concept of low commissions to buy and sell stocks,” announced Schwab in a morning press release.

“On October 7, 2019, in conjunction with the release of Mr. Schwab’s latest book, “Invested,” Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. is removing the final barrier to making investing accessible to everyone by eliminating commissions for stocks, ETFs and options listed on U.S. or Canadian exchanges, across all mobile and web trading channels.”

Founder and Chairman Charles Schwab said, “From day one, my passion has been to make investing easier and more affordable for everyone.” The new cost cutting ensures that his ultimate vision, of making investing accessible to all, is realized.

Our investment advisory clients benefit from Schwab’s continuous cost-cutting and quality improvement. We’re proud to partner with Schwab as our premier investment provider to help make your financial goals and dreams come to life.

For any questions about Schwab’s new zero pricing initiative, you are welcome to call our office at any time. We’re happy to fill you in on the details.

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