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Jamie Dimon, CEO of J.P. Morgan, graciously participating in a New York Q&A with advisors like me

It’s always a challenge to be out of the office. As you all know, it seems that in every office there’s too much to do and too little time, which makes it easy to start feeling buried in paper!

But it’s critical for us to get out and meet with top investment providers and researchers about what’s new in the world of finance, investments and retirement planning. It’s how we keep our skills and insights updated with cutting edge thinking, and it helps us bring the best practices and products to you, our clients.

That’s a long introduction to report I just came back from New York armed with some timely analysis about where the post-election market may be heading, where to find promising sectors to invest, plus actionable tips to share with you about cybersecurity and how you can stay safe online and off.  The highlight of the sessions was a freewheeling, no-topics-barred Q&A session with J.P Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon (excuse my grainy iPhone photo; I can’t seem to get the hang of taking good pictures on my phone!).

As a side note, if you are familiar with our firm, you’ll know that we are independent thinkers. We seek out and digest research from a broad range of top-echelon investment outfits, but ultimately, we come to our own conclusions and apply that analysis to your customized portfolio. Not infrequently, it saves us from following the other lemmings off a cliff and keeps you and your portfolio focused and on-target, whatever the investment flavor du jour might be.

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