New York: Briefings On What’s Ahead In The Investment World

It was a gorgeous afternoon in New York City today, as you can see from the photo I took in Times Square showing the beautiful blue skies, jewel-colored electronic billboards, and masses of New Yorkers, tourists, and school kids visiting the city.

Living in South Florida, I have clearly forgotten exactly how many people you can squeeze onto a sidewalk at any one time. Crowds, traffic jams, blaring horns – it’s definitely New York!

So while it’s exciting to be in the city, I’m not here to see the sites. And in fact, I probably won’t see any, other than what I sneaked in late this afternoon after arriving from the airport.

I’m here for two days of intense briefings on what’s happening in the investment world, with reports on the latest research and portfolio construction techniques affecting equities (stocks) and fixed income (bonds). The sessions provide an opportunity to share ideas on what’s ahead for investors and how we can prepare for it.

I’m sure it all sounds cushy. In fact, one of my kids was excited to hear my hotel is next to the Shake Shack and the other was impressed that we’re only a short block from the theater where “Hamilton” is playing!

However, the reality is that our curtain call starts at 7 a.m. tomorrow and sessions run straight through into the evening. I love the chance to attend meetings like this. They are jam-packed with valuable and relevant information that helps us address real client situations and problems.

Here’s a couple things I know. First, by the time my visit is over, I’ll be very happy to head back to home, work, and life (and less congestion!) in South Florida. And second, I’ll have plenty of insights to share about what may be ahead in the second half of the year.

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