Risks And Opportunities In Korea

Kudos to portfolio managers at Matthews Asia for the insightful briefing this week on tensions in North Korea and their impact on Asian investments.

The San Francisco-based company sponsored a briefing for our firm and other investment advisors discussing the potential risks and opportunities from rising tensions on the Korean peninsula.

Matthews’ Investment Strategist Andy Rothman and Korea Strategy portfolio manager Michael Oh put today’s events in historical perspective and explained how events on the Korean peninsula and China affect our clients and their portfolios.

Insights from experienced investment experts like the team at Matthews are critical as we craft your portfolio strategy and select investments for your portfolio.

One of the most interesting takeaways from the briefing?

Andy Rothman talked about the potential for trade sanctions against China and noted that sanctions may not have a significant impact on China. China today is far less dependent on trade than most people assume, said Rothman, and contrary to popular perception, U.S. exports to China have grown dramatically since China joined the World Trade Organization.

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