What Investors’ Big Cash Stash Could Mean For The Markets

Investors’ big cash stash may mean markets are moving up (Photo by Lindsay Henwood on Unsplash)

You’ve undoubtedly noticed that markets have been topping new highs recently. Yet, no one knows for sure whether even higher peaks are ahead, or a pullback is looming.

Our clients know we don’t try to time the market. The broad lines of every client’s strategy is set to meet long-term goals, and we urge clients to tune out the short-term “noise” and keep their eyes on the long-term prize.

That said, we do keep our eyes on market developments and fine tune investment strategies to capture opportunities and avoid pitfalls.

So here’s one opportunity that may foretell better things ahead, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Investors have a cash stash of over $3.4 trillion that is just waiting on the sidelines.

Large cash holdings are seen as a bullish sign, showing investors have plenty more money to pile into the market when they see a good opportunity.

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