What, Me Worry? World’s Millionaires Are Confident Despite Global Uncertainty

Life is good at the 26th Monaco Yacht show (REUTERS/Eric Gaillard)

The world may be an uncertain place but millionaires around the globe are confident they can manage the turmoil and reach their life’s objectives “without so much as a dent in their finances,” finds a UBS Wealth Management survey of 2,800 millionaires in seven countries.

Reuters journalist Jamie McGeever, reporting from London, says the world’s elite is concerned with the unpredictability of the global financial and political environment. Nonetheless, they are convinced they can successfully navigate whatever lies ahead.

Just like the rest of us, they say that “information overload” makes it hard for them to make good investment decisions.

Almost three-quarters say short-term distractions get in the way of their long-term financial plans, and they also admit to holding on to cash even though they understand it will erode their wealth as inflation causes prices to rise.

Still, despite the world’s ills, more than half are optimistic about the future and expect their financial situation to improve over time.

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