The Gift Of Giving

schwab charitableThanks to many clients just like ours, Schwab Charitable donor-advised funds facilitated $1.5 billion in grants to over 61,000 different charities in 2016. Yes, that’s “billion” with a “b”.

Ours is a very giving nation. Giving through donor-advised funds like Schwab Charitable or through community foundations working with your neighbors can be a great way to give for many people.

You gain an immediate tax deduction the minute you make your gift but can decide at a later date exactly what charity you want your funds to go to. That gives you time to do your own research, determine how you can do the most good, and spread your gifts across multiple organizations and over several months, or even years.

If you want to learn more about charitable options, like donor-advised funds or community foundations, just give us a call or get a start by visiting Schwab Charitable.

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