“No Ragrets” – What’s On Americans’ Top 5 Financial Do-Over List

We're The Millers No Ragrets

“You have no regrets? Not even one letter?”

Scotty P of “We’re the Millers” may disagree, but when it comes to money, most Americans say they would do things differently if only given the chance.

Here are their top 5 financial regrets that they would pick for a “do-over”:

1). Not saving for retirement early enough

2). Not saving enough for emergencies

3). Taking on too much student loan debt

4). Taking on too much credit card debt

5). Not saving enough for their children’s education

The Takeaway: There’s no reason to have regrets, and it’s never too late to step up to improve your financial situation. Decide what you want to change about your financial life, and take the first step toward changing it today.

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Mari Adam, Certified Financial Planner™ has been helping individuals and families chart their financial futures for over twenty-five years. Have a question about your financial situation? Ask Mari!

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