Follow Up: $212,000 In Debt And No Degree

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Read our student debt tips so you don’t go through life with this ball and chain.

Some of you may have read our recent blog story about the Palm Beach County student who amassed $212,000 in student debt but no degree. His experience shows how student debt can go tragically wrong. Without some form of debt relief, he’ll be haunted for the rest of his adult life by the mistakes he made as a young adult.

His mom wrote in and asked me to share her comments below. We’re doing so to bring attention to the issue of student debt, and urge consumers to use this – and all other kinds of debt – judiciously. Don’t forget to review our 4 tips to avoid a student debt disaster. We wish her and her son all the very best for the future, and hope they are able to resolve his situation and effect some positive change.

Hi Mari,

I was so happy to see that you picked up on Joel’s story. I agree with you about the what to do before you take on a student loan. I have a petition on  where I want all high school college bound seniors to take at least a semester long course on student financial aid. Enclosed I am sending you the link to our petition. If you could read it, and if you agree please add your name to our petition and ask everyone you know to sign it. We know how horrible our situation is, but at the same time, we are trying ensure that this NEVER happens to anyone else. Thank you for addressing such an important issue.


Randi Solomon

Joel’s mother

(To link to the petition, click here.)








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