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Starting to save early can mean the difference between financial success or a lifetime of struggle.

South Florida’s youngest workers – those born between 1981 and 1997 — are rapidly falling behind their U.S. peers in saving for retirement, reports personal finance expert Donna Gehrke-White in this week’s Sun-Sentinel.

South Florida Millennial and Gen X workers have saved 46% less than others in their age group across the U.S.

That’s critical, because starting to save early can make the difference between financial success and a lifetime of struggle.

We all want what’s best for our family. And there is something you can do to help educate the next generation and keep them ahead of the financial curve.

The right guidance can prepare them for life’s challenges and give you the peace of mind that they’re on the right track.

Some of our clients may not be aware that we are happy to arrange a complimentary meeting with their sons and daughters as they graduate from college or land their first jobs. Our guidance can get your young family members started down the right path, with advice on:

  • starting a saving program;
  • signing up for that first 401(k);
  • funding a Roth or Traditional IRA;
  • buying their first home;
  • reducing student debt;
  • setting up college plans for new children and grandchildren.

We have years of experience working with multigenerational families just like yours, plus experience with our own families and children. Another advantage? Our younger firm Associates can work with your family members on a peer-to-peer basis. They understand first-hand what it means to be a young professional in today’s world.


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