Making Money While Making The World A Better Place

Wanting to make the world a better place, more investors are directing portfolio dollars toward causes near and dear to their heart.

For a growing number of investors, making the world a better place is just as important as making money. When they put their money to work, they’re looking for a financial and social return.

That’s why they practice sustainable investing, which focuses on environmental, social and governance (or ESG) factors when making an investment.

For some investors, that may mean staying away from companies selling tobacco, firearms, or fossil fuels. For others, it may mean supporting firms that promote gender equality or bring clean water to needy populations.

Sustainable investing has been around a long time. But what’s changing is the number of investors who want their values to direct their investments.

The amount of money directed toward sustainable investment funds has climbed an impressive 76% over the last four years.

Millennials and women investors are more likely to want to incorporate sustainable considerations into their investment strategies, and some of our clients follow suit.

If sustainability issues are important to you, what’s the next step?

Talk to your advisor to let her know what matters to you. She can advise you on a plan to reach your investment goals while supporting what you truly value.

There are many sustainable investment funds available through your brokerage or retirement account that focus on broad issues and concerns, while others are laser-focused on specific issues like gender equality, renewable energy or clean water. Yet others support ground-floor, high-impact community investments in affordable housing, education, or women’s entrepreneurship (some of these may be available through direct investment opportunities arranged by foundations or local non-profits).

The Takeaway: You can support causes that matter to you even if you have limited means. Sustainable and high-impact investing opportunities are available starting at $20 and up.


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