Forget Gold, It’s Time To Stockpile Twinkies!

Investor alert! Forget stockpiling gold bars in your basement. It’s time to load up on Twinkies! Hostess Brands Inc., maker of iconic treats like Twinkies, Ho Hos and Ding Dongs, announced November 16 that it would close its business as a result of a bitter labor dispute, “a move that has consumers preparing to snap up […]

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1040 taxes

The Bottom Line on Higher Taxes

You may have already had your fill of news about the “fiscal cliff” and the increased taxes potentially heading our way. But if you’re inclined to look, there’s a very good chart produced by Vanguard illustrating the tax outcome if no new legislation is passed. Taxes will go up for almost everyone on January 1, 2013.  […]

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long term care 2

7 Little Known Facts About Long-Term Care

No one can dispute that long-term care is a huge and growing need.  Last year, some $6.6 billion in long-term care benefits was paid to about 200,000 individuals. Here are some interesting facts about long-term care that you may not know, based on an analysis of more than 160,000 claims paid by a leading insurance company in 2011: 1).  […]

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Making Your Second Marriage A Success

Marriage isn’t always easy the first time around, and the same divisive issues can surface in a second marriage. About one-fifth of all marriages taking place in a given year are between couples where at least one of the spouses has walked down the aisle before. The good news is that, based on the data available, second […]

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two women meeting

Have We Come Such A Long Way, Baby?

Did you know that women account for less than 8% of all financial advisors in 2012, according to data from Cerulli Associates? Firms like ours, which are women-owned and run, are a small minority in the financial services industry.  After surveying the gender breakdown in the industry, claimed to be “shocked to see such a low […]

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flood damage

Sandy’s Lesson: Don’t Go Without Flood Insurance

Many homeowners who suffered losses from Hurricane Sandy are finding out the hard way that flood damage is not covered by the typical homeowner’s policy. And unfortunately, most homeowners in Sandy’s path did not have separate flood insurance, as explained in a recent Wall Street Journal story. Estimates are that only 1% of homes in New York City had […]

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taxes scrabble

Smart Tax Moves Before Year-End

Our clients know that toward the end of each year, we review non-retirement portfolios looking for opportunities to harvest capital gains and losses.  This year, that task will have a heightened importance, as capital gains tax rates are likely to rise next year from their historic lows. At present, capital gains tax rates range from a low of […]

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Quote Of The Week: “It’s All Up To Congress”

As we plan for 2013, it’s important to keep a sense of humor.  You’ll see why in this tongue-in-cheek quote from Fidelity Investments about planning for upcoming tax changes in 2013! “As you may be aware, the Bush-era tax cuts of 2001 and 2003 may expire at the end of 2012. Or they may be extended. […]

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women mnaging investments

Why Don’t Women Save As Much As Men?

Why don’t women save as much as men? A recent study conducted by two researchers at the University of Wisconsin tried to answer that question. They interviewed state government employees to discover why women working for the state of Wisconsin have lower amounts saved in their retirement plans than men. In fact, women have only 70¢ in their […]

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Think Twice Before Co-Signing Student Debt

Parents, think twice before co-signing student loans for your kids. Or at the minimum, read last week’s article in the Wall Street Journal about the financial havoc caused when kids stop paying on their loans, leaving creditors to come after already cash-strapped parents. Reports the Wall Street Journal: “After years of facing all sorts of […]

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