How Smart Are Smart Phones?

More than a few of our clients are having a tough time fitting all of their “needs” and “wants” into their budget. And that raises some big questions. What happens when our growing appetite for “wants” like smartphones, on-demand entertainment and other personal technology crowds out “needs” like healthcare and saving for retirement? The ever ballooning […]

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health care retirement

Quote Of The Week: Taming The Cost Of Health Care In Retirement

Carolyn McClanahan is both a physician and a financial adviser. When asked by clients how to prepare for health care costs in retirement (estimated on average to cost $240,000 per couple), she urges them to focus on what they can control – their own lifestyle choices.  Here’s her advice for clients:  “I have no idea what health […]

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Friendly Medical professionals

Baby Boomers Concerned, Confused by Medicare

90% of baby boomers surveyed say they are “concerned” about the future of Medicare especially in light of the upcoming presidential election, as revealed in a recent eHealth survey (eHealth offers one of the nation’s largest online health insurance marketplaces). Medicare and Medicaid make up about 20% of all U.S. government spending. Baby boomers were tested on 4 Medicare “myths.” Results […]

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piggy bank exploding

What’s Making Boomers Go Broke: The Surprise Expenses Costing Them A Fortune

Feeling poorer?  There’s  reason for that. Baby boomers can’t get a break.  During their critical pre-retirement years, they’ve been hit hard by the technology bust, the real estate meltdown, the financial crisis, and the deepest recession since the 1930s. And to make it worse, while their real income has barely budged over the past twenty […]

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social security

Five-Minute Fix: Checking Your Social Security Benefits

Remember that earnings statement you used to receive every year from the Social Security Administration?  Unfortunately, it’s gone the way of the dodo in an effort to save money on postage. Nowadays, that statement is mailed only to workers nearing retirement age. Everyone else will need to visit a new Social Security website to obtain their own earnings statement.  According to […]

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commercial real estate

Quote Of The Week: Beware Non-Traded REITS

“Performance aside, it costs 8% or more in upfront commissions to buy the typical nontraded REIT. By contrast, you can buy an index fund of public REITs at no commission and with annual fees as low as 0.1%.” Protecting Your Bucket, Jason Zweig, Wall Street Journal, September 14, 2012 One of our recent articles discussed the dangers of non-traded […]

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middle age couple

Quote Of The Week: The Penalty For Procrastination

“Here’s the penalty for procrastinating  …  If you had started saving for retirement in your twenties, you would have had to carve out 13% of your salary every year to replace your income in retirement, according to an analysis by T. Rowe Price. Now, at 45, you’ll need to sock away 29% of your salary […]

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public school teacher

Are Government Workers Being “Fleeced” by 457 and 403(b) Plans?

Are state and local government workers, as well as public school and university employees, being fleeced by the insurance companies who have a lock on offering them retirement plans? That’s the charge in the recent article by Edward Siedle in Forbes, as he exposes the “massive looting of government and educational workers that’s been going on for decades.” Those are fighting words, indeed. But […]

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consolidate accounts

5-Minute Fix: Time To Consolidate Old 401(k) Accounts

In a recent post, we mentioned how frequent job hopping can do a number on your retirement savings.  One of the consequences of job-hopping is that many workers leave behind a trail of small, easily-neglected 401(k) accounts. Here’s a 5-minute fix that let’s you get these forgotten accounts back working hard for you: According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are probably […]

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job hopping

Job Hopping Can Be Dangerous To Your Financial Health

Job hopping can hurt your ability to retire on time, says a recent article in U.S. News & World Report. Baby boomers and younger workers are job-hopping at record rates.  Younger baby boomers (born between 1957 and 1964) have held an average of 11 jobs by age 46, says the Bureau of Labor Statistics. While about […]

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