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Quote Of The Week: Living Within Your Means In Retirement

“The secret to living within your means after retirement is living within your means before retirement.”    

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7 Rules To Stay Sane In A Crazy Investment World

Is the market driving you crazy? As the market hits highs not seen since 2007,  many people have a case of the jitters. Is the bond bubble going to burst?  Is the market going to crash? Is Europe going down the tubes? Is the U.S. in decline? Here’s some guidelines on how to deal with market stress. […]

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Divorced? You Can Still Max Your Social Security

We often advise married couples and singles on how to maximize their Social Security benefits. Those benefits are an important part of every retirement income plan. But here’s a helpful reminder if you are divorced. If your marriage lasted 10 years or longer, you can receive benefits on your ex-spouse’s record (even if he or she […]

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Use It Or Lose It: Time Is Running Out To Fund Your IRA

The clock is ticking. If you don’t take action by Monday, April 15, 2013, you will lose forever the opportunity to fund your Traditional or Roth IRA for 2012. Would you like to boost your retirement savings? Would you like to pay less in taxes? Would you like to stash your money in a place where you are not […]

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Getting A Handle On Your Credit Score

Karen Blumenthal wrote a good article in last weekend’s Wall Street Journal about changes afoot in the credit rating business that may give consumers more access and control over their credit scores. Take a look at the article for a good refresher course on the difference between credit ratings and credit scores, and why credit scores from different credit […]

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Investing 101: Are ETFs More Tax Efficient?

Many people think ETFs (exchange traded funds) are more tax efficient than traditional mutual funds, but is that really the case? The short answer is “not really.” That will come as a surprise to many readers, but recent research by Michael Rawson, ETF analyst with Morningstar, shines some light on the subject. First of all, as a […]

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Investing In The Global Consumer

When asked why he robbed banks, the infamous American bank robber “Willie” Sutton said “because that’s where the money is.” Today, when we invest in multinational companies focusing on the global consumer, the answer is no different. That is, in fact, where the growth is. “Millions of people around the world are now beginning to have a […]

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Why Affluent Retirees Like Working With Financial Advisors

In a recent survey, affluent retirees identified several benefits of working with a financial advisor. 70% say they gain “an improved knowledge of investing.” 70% say investment advisors provide them with a “wider range of investment opportunities.” 60%  say they value the “peace of mind” that results from working with an advisor. 60% say they benefit from improved investment returns. Results from […]

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Not Your Grandpa’s Muni Bond Market

Did your Dad or Grandpa ever talk to you about investing in municipal or tax-exempt bonds? If so, they probably talked about picking individual municipal bonds and holding them to maturity to ensure a steady, tax-free return. Unfortunately, most of what they told you is about as relevant today as rotary phones and TV antennas. The banking meltdown of 2008 […]

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What Do Aussies Understand About Investing That We Don’t?

Or the English, too, for that matter? It’s not small potatoes.  It’s been called “the most significant change taking place in the global financial advice industry this year.” Investment commissions banned in Australia, U.K. Starting this year, licensed financial advisors in the U.K. and Australia will be barred from charging commissions on investment sales. Many experts […]

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