Estate Planning Disasters … And How To Avoid Them

Everyone over age 18 should have in place basic estate planning documents like a Will, a Durable Power of Attorney, and advance medical directives providing instructions in the event of a medical emergency. These documents are especially critical if you have minor children or others who depend on you financially. Of course, some people with […]

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second career teaching

Preparing For Your Own “Act II” – One Client’s Story

Many young retirees dream about quitting their job before embarking on a second career. But fewer people are able to pull off a successful “Act II” in real life. That’s why we asked several of our clients, who have done exactly that, to share their secrets with you. Last week, we touched base with our client Kathi, […]

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Cash Hasn’t Always Been Trash

Hard to believe, but years ago the returns on cash were more than decent. Throughout the 34-year time span from 1948-1981, a period of gradually increasing interest rates, returns on cash trended upward, explains finance professor Craig L. Israelsen in the December 2012 edition of Financial Planning magazine. Observes Israelsen, “the heyday of cash was in 1981, with a one-year […]

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Dogs: A Millionaire’s Best Friend

In the stressful (might we say dog-eat-dog) world of business, it’s not surprising to learn that more than half (56 percent) of senior corporate executives own pets, and the great majority of those pets are dogs. As in many other American households, those dogs are treated like valued members of the family. Nearly one-fourth of the executives spend more […]

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Quote Of The Week: Stop Reading The Newspaper

“Read the newspaper all the time, and you’ll never want to buy stocks.” Michael Morella, “Why Ron Baron Is Sweet on Stocks: Where the billionaire mutual fund manager is placing his bets for the years ahead,” U.S. News & World Report, November 22, 2012 The Takeaway: In this interview with U.S. News & World Report, the billionaire […]

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Marching To A Different Drummer

One of the hardest things we do is explain to clients why we continue holding on to an investment that isn’t currently performing well. For most people, the answer seems clear.  If it isn’t doing well, get rid of it. This is, of course, the corollary to the opposite lesson — just because it is doing […]

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In The News

We actively participate in a variety of media projects with the goal of helping clients and consumers learn more about financial issues. Here are selected articles to which we contributed (for a full listing, please visit our website): Boca Raton Observer, Richard Westlund, November 2012, “Sharing The Wealth: How To Leave A Legacy For Charity […]

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What A Great Financial Adviser Can Do For You

Last week, retired investment advisor and author Paul Merriman wrote an excellent column for SmartMoney titled “How to choose a great financial adviser.” It’s worthwhile reading for those who are new to using an adviser, or who perhaps question exactly what it is an adviser can do, or should do, for you. If you thought a great adviser does […]

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muni bond

Quote Of The Week: When Are Muni Bonds The Best Choice?

“When adjusted for a tax rate of 26% or higher, municipal bonds outperformed taxable bonds 65% of the time.” Fidelity Investments research, comparing annual tax-equivalent versus taxable municipal bond returns, for the twenty-year period 1992-2011. The Takeaway: Municipal bonds usually pay less income than a comparable taxable bond.  But once taxes are taken into account, the tax-exempt […]

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state pensions

Florida Retirees Can Relax – State Pension Plan Still “Strong”

Many of our retired clients, including teachers and other public servants, receive monthly pensions from the Florida Retirement System, and many more expect to receive pension benefits in the future when they retire. So they’ll be relieved to hear that the Florida pension system is still rated as “strong” by researchers at Morningstar, which recently analyzed current data […]

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