Quote of the Week: Millionaires Keep Housing Costs Down

“There are three times more millionaires living in homes valued under $300,000 than are living in houses worth $1 million or more.” Magazine, July 2012, “101 Ways to Build Wealth” Financial Tip:  Don’t be house poor!  Spending too much on your home can sabotage your long-term wealth building plans.  The CNNMoney article (quoted above) reminds readers that “historically, stocks […]

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Uncertainty Key Word for 2013 Taxes

There is nothing certain about the 2013 tax outlook, and that uncertainty is frustrating investors and businesses trying to plan for the coming year. The Bush-era tax cuts (dating back to 2001) are set to automatically expire on December 31, 2012.  Unless Congress acts, taxes will increase for almost all tax-paying Americans (we don’t mean to take sides, […]

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financial media

In The News

We actively participate in a variety of media projects with the goal of helping clients and consumers learn more about financial issues.  Here are some of the recent articles to which we contributed (for a full listing, please visit our website): Kiplinger’s Retirement Planning Guide 2012, Kim Lankford, “Caught in the Middle” How to cope when […]

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Paying for College: Should Kids Have Skin in the Game?

College is a huge investment. Should your kids take responsibility for paying part of the bill? 72% of parents from affluent families said paying for all or part of college would help their kids get the most out of their education, according to a recent online survey by Legg Mason Inc. The parents reasoned that contributing […]

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Got (Too Much) Mail?

Too much paper in your mailbox?  Are too many trees dying for the prospectuses and annual reports that you don’t even read?  If so, eDelivery enrollment is for you.  It is a simple and convenient solution to cut down on unwanted account-related mailings from Charles Schwab. Clients choosing  to enroll in eDelivery have the option of […]

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Quote of the Week: Helping the Irrational Investor

“It’s the job of the financial advisor to not only help clients meet their financial goals but in doing so, keep them from making irrational, emotional decisions that aren’t in their best interests.” Frances A. McMorris, Editor-in-Chief, On Wall Street, May 2012   “Many individual investors lose consistently by trading often.  For a large majority of investors, taking a […]

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miami heat

Congratulations MIAMI HEAT – NBA Champions!

Congratulations to the Miami Heat, winner of the NBA Championship, in their victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder! Go Heat!

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long term care

Quote of the Week: Long-Term Care Policy Now a Luxury

“Long-term care insurance is becoming a luxury buy.  The middle-class increasingly finds itself priced out of that market as premium costs rise, not only for individual coverage but for many group policies, too.” Jane Bryant Quinn,  AARP Bulletin, June 2012, “Will Help Be There for You?”

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How Do Your Funds Measure Up on Stewardship?

Investment analysts at Morningstar have revamped the way they grade mutual fund companies on “stewardship,” or how well they serve as caretakers of your invested capital.  The new grades help tell you how hard your funds are working for you. According to Morningstar, stewardship matters.  “Good stewards delivered better results, in the form of better fund performance,” says Morningstar. They focused […]

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fl hurricane

Getting Ready for Hurricane Season

Attention, East Coast residents.  It’s hurricane season again. The season officially runs from June 1 to November 30. Florida residents have been particularly lucky.  It’s been six straight years without a hurricane. But many in the state have bad memories going back to 1992’s monster storm Andrew, 2004’s record-breaking four hurricanes including Charley, Frances, Ivan, and Jeanne, and 2005’s infamous Katrina and Wilma (the […]

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