Quote Of The Week: You Can’t Afford To Skip This Ride

“Real risk lies in how we respond to the ups and downs in the market. Just because an investor doesn’t like the ups and downs of the stock market doesn’t mean that she can afford to skip the ride if she wants to meet her goals.” Ben Johnson, CFA, Director of Global ETF Research for […]

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billionaires china us

U.S. Losing The Billionaires’ Race

I was so shocked by the numbers in this graphic I had to double-check the data source. Sure enough, the U.S. has been surpassed as the home of the most billionaires. We have (only) 571 billionaires compared to 819 in Greater China. And India is now in 3rd place. But what surprised me was the […]

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divorce cake

Divorce and Tax: These Rules Are Changing After December 31, 2018

If you or someone you know may be planning to divorce, there’s an important change ahead affecting how divorce and alimony payments will be taxed. Under the new Tax Act, and for divorce agreements signed after December 31, 2018, alimony will no longer be tax deductible to the payor nor taxable to the recipient (currently, […]

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Giving Thanks!

Why are we giving thanks? Because we have the best jobs in the world. We get to work with the nicest bunch of people (you, our clients), helping you make your dreams come true. We do our best every single day to give you security and peace of mind so you can reach your goals and spend […]

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What Do Market Declines “Mean”? You May Be Surprised To Learn

“The market is down!” says the panicked caller. “What does that mean?” We’ve had more than a few of those calls recently with clients (and a few with relatives and friends too!). Of course, we never know what will happen in the future. But we do know that while some market declines foreshadow future problems, […]

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green bean casserole

What Makes A Thanksgiving Classic

Dorcas Reilly, Campbell Soup’s home economist who invented the iconic green bean, mushroom, and fried-onion casserole, died last month at age 92, but her creation will live forever on Thanksgiving tables everywhere. Here’s the recipe for the holiday favorite. Dorcas created the dish in 1955 while she was the Campbell Test Kitchen Manager. What’s the secret […]

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November Can Mean Turkey Dinners As Well As Big Expenses For Florida Homeowners

And no, we’re not talking about relatives eating you out of house and home! It’s great to be home for the holidays, and for many of us in Florida, we’re getting into the busy season when friends and family stop in for a visit, and snowbirds from up north flock our way for some sunshine. […]

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cell phone users NY

How Smart Financial Technology Can Be Making You … Dumber

OK. There is just no nice way to put it. All those smart apps and smart phones and clever financial programs that let you move money, buy stocks, and check your account balances on a teeny tiny screen are not helping. In fact, they’re making the situation worse. Research conducted by the Global Financial Literacy Excellence […]

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Unnerved By Market Volatility? Read These 5 Tips

Just in case you weren’t paying attention to the news in October, here’s what you missed. The stock market went down. As you open your October statements, you’ll see evidence of the pullback in your account balances. But before you hit the panic button, here’s a few things to keep in mind. Pullbacks are normal. They […]

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american dream

Helping Students In South Florida Reach Their American Dreams

The American Dream is alive and well! Nadia Rullo, Client Services Associate at Adam Financial Associates, attended the American Dream Summit Luncheon in Fort Lauderdale last Wednesday on behalf of clients who have included this worthy cause in their charitable giving plans. The event is hosted by Broward College Foundation to honor donors who have contributed […]

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