Say What? Palm Beach Scores 5th Place On “Top 10 Bargain Beach Towns”

poodle wearing diamonds

Tar-zhay, anyone? Palm Beach is top dog when it comes to capturing that beach front vibe at bargain prices.

Champagne tastes, beer budget?

Don’t despair. There may be a beach place for you in sunny South Florida after all.

Palm Beach, to be precise.

That’s right. The home of Worth Avenue, Mar-A-Lago, and small poodles wearing diamond bracelets and designer doggie duds.

Surprisingly, Palm Beach just landed 5th on the top 10 list of bargain beach towns put together by real estate research firm RealtyTrac.

“You may think of Palm Beach as a town full of ultrarich people — and certain parts of it are very much that — but the median home price throughout the area is under $500,000,” says MarketWatch’s Catey Hill.

What other qualities pushed Palm Beach to the top of the sand pile? Excellent air quality, balmy summer temps, low crime, and attractive home prices relative to other oceanfront locales helped clinch the deal.

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