Americans Keep Moving To Florida, A Top Relocation Destination

Over the last decade, Americans have been migrating to warm, Sun Belt destinations like Fort Lauderdale, Florida attracted by low taxes and welcoming business climates (Image by Rolando Otero/Pixabay)

No surprise here. Census data show that Florida remained the second most popular relocation destination in the United States for the 2010-2020 period (Texas garnered the top spot).

Almost 3 million people relocated to Florida during that time frame. And in fact, the true number may actually be higher once data are updated to reflect migration occurring as a result of the COVID pandemic.

A company specializing in residential relocations says that once the pandemic started, moves from large urban areas to smaller cities accelerated, with Southern states that had been attractive destinations for years spiking in popularity.

In general, Americans migrated to warm, Sun Belt destinations with low taxes and welcoming business climates like Texas, Florida, Arizona, North Carolina, and Georgia.

What’s not new in the data? People continue to relocate to escape high taxes and high housing costs.

What is new? Many large businesses – including leading Fortune 500 companies –  are starting to do the same, relocating to states like Texas and Washington to cut costs.

The states with the biggest declining populations? Illinois, West Virginia, New York, Connecticut and Vermont.

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