Here’s A Shocker: Why Americans Aren’t Living As Long As Other People

Society ActuariesThe Society of Actuaries (SOA) just dropped a bombshell at its recent Living to 100 Symposium.

Its research shows that Americans are now expected to have shorter lives than citizens of other developed countries. And as if that isn’t bad enough, here’s the clincher. American women are in last place of all 14 countries measured (men are second to last).

What’s behind these sobering results? There are several possible reasons, say researchers:

  • Large income disparities in the U.S.
  • More generous retirement benefits in the other countries
  • Availability of universal health care in the other countries

The Takeaway: This should give all Americans plenty to think about. Having a good health care system and robust safety net impacts everyone’s quality of life and leads to longer life expectancies. Based on the health of its citizens, the U.S. seems to be slipping behind.

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