Quote Of The Week: Aging In Place Is Easier Said Than Done

Want to enjoy the comforts of your home as long as possible? Most people do. But managing to do that takes advance planning.

“Aging in place can be more challenging than you might expect. While most seniors say they want to age in place, a much smaller percentage of them actually manage to accomplish it, studies show.”

Mary Kane, Associate Editor, Kiplinger’s Retirement Report, “Moves to Make Now To Age in Place,” January 28, 2020

The Takeaway: Most people say they want to stay in their homes and “age in place.” You can manage to do that, says Mary Kane in her article for Kiplinger’s Retirement Report. But you have a long to-do list ahead of you, so better start now. The first project to tackle is making updates to your home to make it senior-friendly. Solving the long-term care and transportation challenges may be next on the list, and a strong social circle to keep you involved in the community is another must. Don’t forget, as well, to keep your financial advisor in the loop. She’ll help make sure you have the financial resources to cover your needs, remind you to get the right legal documents in place, and streamline your finances so you can enjoy your money instead of stressing over it.

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