Record Number Of Floridians Starting New Businesses

(Photo: Dan Burton/Unsplash)

The trend toward self-employment and away from working for someone else, part of the so-called ‘Great Resignation,’ was very strong in 2021.

In the Sunshine State, Floridians set new records in 2021 for opening new businesses, filing 683,680 new business applications, the highest of all 50 states.

Small businesses are very important for the economy. They account for almost one-half of all economic activity in the U.S. and generate two-thirds of all new job growth.

Tip:  If you’re taking the plunge into entrepreneurship, don’t make the mistake of forgetting to pay yourself first. There are a number of easy and low-cost ways to put aside money for your own retirement each and every year that can help build your nest egg and deliver significant tax deductions. Just ask us!


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