What Color Is Your Financial Future: Red, Yellow, Or Green?

Picture this: we’re meeting with clients in our conference room. Last time we put their retirement scenarios to the test, the results weren’t good. They had less than a 50% probability of making their money last. We coach them on what it will take to win the retirement challenge, and have them set a new course – ramping up their retirement savings, and overhauling a too-timid investment strategy.

Now, they’re back for a new test. This time, they pass with flying colors. The odds of acing retirement are now solidly in their favor. They’re happy, we’re happy. Their retirement “red light” just turned “green.”

So what color is your retirement?

One of the most important services we offer clients is comprehensive retirement planning.

In fact, the number one fear Americans have about retirement is running out of money.

The retirement projections we prepare for you will provide a clear and concise picture of where you stand and what you’ll need to do to make your retirement dreams a reality.

The results are easy to understand. You’ll see a color-coded graphic – red, yellow, or green – showing you how likely you are to meet your retirement goals. We can tweak those results to instantly display what will happen if you save more, work longer (or shorter!), help the grandkids with college, or buy that boat to sail to Fiji (or whatever else tickles your fancy).

There is no better tool to give you the peace of mind of knowing you are on the right track. And there is nothing more gratifying for us than helping clients get closer and closer to their goals, as we identify what they need to do and work together to execute the plan.

Talk to us about how we can help you make your retirement dreams a reality, and make sure you’ve got the “green light” to start enjoying your future.

About Mari Adam

Mari Adam, Certified Financial Planner™ has been helping individuals and families chart their financial futures for over twenty-five years. Have a question about your financial situation? Ask Mari!

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