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Did Your 401(k) Take A Beating In 2018?

Across America, many workers got an unpleasant surprise as they opened their December 401(k) statements. Instead of going up, their investments took a dive. Even those who invested in fairly conservative 2025 target date funds, designed for workers nearing retirement, found their accounts looked battered after December’s bruising market shakedown. “Stocks and bonds, both domestic and […]

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How Higher Interest Rates Can Be Good For You

Yes, interest rates are slowly heading upward. You can actually get decent interest rates on money market accounts now – at least from online banks. (Check rates on Bankrate.com here). Sure, higher rates mean you’ll pay more interest on credit cards balances and adjustable rate loans. But look at the flip side. Higher rates benefit […]

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Tired Of Puny Bank Rates? Here’s How To Fight Back

Hard to believe, but at many banks a $100,000+ deposit can earn you less than $20 a month in interest. Who ever thought that interest rates could sink so low? Many of our clients, just like fellow investors across the country, are on the lookout for a decent return on their cash investments. That “decent return” […]

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How I Saved Over $100,000 Refinancing My Mortgage

At least once a week, we’re advising a client to look into refinancing their mortgage while rates are still at rock-bottom levels. But just like the saying about the cobbler’s children who have no shoes, I’ve not made the time to put my own advice to work and refinance my own mortgage. Until last week, that is. I finally […]

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