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Capital One Data Breach: What To Do Now

Details of yet another data breach were in the news this morning. We’re sure many of you have questions about how this may affect you, and what steps you should take now to protect your personal information. For that reason, we’re sharing below information provided early this morning by free-credit-score website WalletHub. The information below was […]

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Florida #1 For Fraud: How Not To Be A Victim

So what else is new? Florida ranks #1 for consumer fraud complaints, partly due to our transient (and often older) population. According to a Federal Trade Commission report, Florida residents lost over $80 million to fraud in 2018. There was a big increase in government imposter scams. That’s where someone calls you, pretending to be […]

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Is It Phishing? Or Is It For Real? Hard To Know For Sure

A reader of our blog recently sent us an email asking if a message he received from a broker was legitimate or whether it was a phishing expedition. He was following up on a couple of previous blog stories we did on phishing emails and wanted some guidance. He received what seemed like a legitimate […]

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Quote Of The Week: The Internet Of Things

“There are more devices connected to the internet now than there are people on the planet.” Greg Ruppert, Cybersecurity expert Senior Vice President, Financial Crimes Risk Management, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

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Moving? Keep Us In The Loop!

When you move, there’s a lot on your plate. Boxing up your belongings, getting rid of all that clutter in the garage, notifying the utilities, and settling in to your new home. But don’t forget to let us know so we can change the mailing address on your investment accounts. It may not seem like […]

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Keep It Safe!

That’s our Associate Client Advisor Anthony LaBrake CFP®, leading last week’s employee training on cybersecurity. Our goal: keep you and your assets safe! In the news this week: more hacks at a major retailer. How can you protect yourself? Here’s some important tips to keep you safe at home:  Use complex passwords mixing letters, numbers, […]

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Ask For Our Free Guide: “How To Respond To A Data Breach”

Half of all Americans have been affected by the massive Equifax data breach, which allowed hackers to access names, Social Security numbers, and other personal data belonging to nearly 150 million people. Do you know what steps to take within the first 24 hours? How about within 48 hours? Time is of the essence when you’ve […]

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Equifax Breach: What To Do Now?

As data breaches go, this is one of the most extensive. The sensitive information of almost half of all Americans has been compromised, all because the company safeguarding that information reportedly failed to upgrade and update software despite being warned to do so. To make it worse, company execs sold millions in stock after the breach, […]

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“Phishing” For Dollars: Watch Out For This IRS Hook

I found three separate phone messages waiting for me at home last week.  Each message claimed to be from the IRS warning me about my “last chance” to pay up. Wait a minute! Why is the IRS calling me if I don’t owe them any money? And since when does the IRS do the “dialing […]

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Holy Cybersecurity! How A Leading Bank Exposed 50,000 Top Customers

Holy Data Breach, Batman! Wells Fargo stunned regulators and clients earlier this month when it revealed that it had accidentally leaked the intimate financial data of 50,000 of its wealthiest clients. As part of a separate and unrelated lawsuit, Wells inadvertently sent opposing lawyers 1.4 gigabytes of confidential data containing names, Social Security numbers and […]

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