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5 Reasons Investors Should Be Happy About Higher Interest Rates

#1. Despite all the hype and panic, interest rates are really not far from where they were 1 year ago. You’re probably sick of all the drama about the Fed and higher rates. That’s all we’ve heard about this year. But guess what? Rates aren’t much higher than they were a year ago. On December […]

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How Higher Interest Rates Can Be Good For You

Yes, interest rates are slowly heading upward. You can actually get decent interest rates on money market accounts now – at least from online banks. (Check rates on Bankrate.com here). Sure, higher rates mean you’ll pay more interest on credit cards balances and adjustable rate loans. But look at the flip side. Higher rates benefit […]

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Why We’re Not Expecting Higher Interest Rates Soon

If you’re waiting for higher interest rates to lift the puny monthly return on your savings, don’t hold your breath. After last Friday’s disappointing jobs report, the timetable for higher rates got pushed back … again. Yes, we know that interest rates will eventually be higher. But once again, conditions in the U.S. economy are looking vulnerable, […]

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