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Traveling For Thanksgiving? Why You Need To Avoid Airport USB Charging Stations

It pays to be safe when you travel this Thanksgiving. The last thing you need is to catch some nasty malware that hijacks your phone or laptop and steals valuable data and passwords. That’s called “juice jacking” and can happen far too easily at the airport when you charge your devices by plugging into a USB […]

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Keeping It Safe: Credit Freezes Get More Chill

A major tool in combatting identity fraud just got cheaper. In fact, credit freezes are now totally free. Consumers victimized by identity fraud have long had the option of “freezing” their credit by contacting the big three credit reporting agencies – Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion – and telling them to restrict access to their credit file. […]

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Warning! Do You Know Which Online Tax Prep Services Could Be Putting Your Security At Risk?

If you use a free online tax prep service to file your tax returns, you could be at risk for identity fraud. Six out of 13 online tax prep services audited by the global nonprofit Online Trust Alliance failed cybersecurity tests, meaning they could be putting your privacy and security at risk if you use them […]

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Florida Leads In Identity Fraud

In the category of dubious distinctions, our state once again figures at the top of the charts. It seems that on a per capita basis, Florida leads the nation in identity theft. And within Florida, Miami is head and shoulders above the rest of the state in terms of the sheer number of identity fraud complaints. […]

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