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5 Reasons Investors Should Be Happy About Higher Interest Rates

#1. Despite all the hype and panic, interest rates are really not far from where they were 1 year ago. You’re probably sick of all the drama about the Fed and higher rates. That’s all we’ve heard about this year. But guess what? Rates aren’t much higher than they were a year ago. On December […]

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Rising Rates Ahead, But No Reason For Fear

It’s about time. When the Federal Reserve meets December 13-14, we expect them to raise interest rates one quarter point (0.25%). Many economists feel the rate hike is long overdue. By raising rates, the Fed can show confidence in improving U.S. economic conditions and a strengthening economy. Here’s some key points to keep in mind regarding a […]

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Bond Party Coming To An End … Sometime

Bonds have enjoyed a strong, thirty-year bull market, but is that run soon to reach its end? The signs are certainly pointing in that direction. Interest rates have been on the decline since the early 1980s, but will eventually turn around and head up. That’s not good for bonds, as the prices of existing bonds […]

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