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3 Reasons To Give International Equities Another Look

Most investors have a serious case of home country bias. That means that, all things being equal, they prefer to invest in companies based in their own backyard and tend to underweight companies based overseas. That’s true of America investors as well as those in other countries. Everyone likes rooting for the home team. If […]

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Investing In The U.S. Only? That Could Be A Big Mistake.

Are your top investments only in the U.S.? If you’re a U.S.-based investor, it’s normal to want to concentrate your investments in U.S. companies. After all, that’s where you live and work, and U.S. companies have dominated the international competition over the past few years. But if you invest exclusively in the U.S., or neglect […]

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Confused About Brexit? Aren’t We All?

We’ve been living with news stories about “Brexit” for over two years now, but who really understands what’s going on? There have been negotiations, deals, votes of no confidence, more deals, declarations and so forth and so on, all resulting so far in … nothing. But make no mistake. The clock is indeed ticking. On […]

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U.S. Losing The Billionaires’ Race

I was so shocked by the numbers in this graphic I had to double-check the data source. Sure enough, the U.S. has been surpassed as the home of the most billionaires. We have (only) 571 billionaires compared to 819 in Greater China. And India is now in 3rd place. But what surprised me was the […]

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U.S. Falling Behind? Asia Minting A New Billionaire Every Other Day

For the first time ever, Asia has more billionaires than the United States, thanks to economic growth and innovation in China and India. Asian billionaires increased by 23% in 2016, now numbering 637. That means Asia is minting a new billionaire every other day. This year’s crop of new billionaires is given credit for adding […]

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Can Investing In Big U.S. Companies Give You Enough International Exposure?

I was on the phone yesterday with a client. “Why do I need to own international stocks,” he asked. “I already own big U.S. companies and they do plenty of business overseas. Isn’t that enough?” Good question. In fact, it’s the subject of a recent research study by Joe Libbra, CIMA®, CAIA, senior investment consultant […]

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Does It Still Make Sense To Invest Overseas?

It’s hard to love international stocks lately. Their performance has been a drag on portfolios, leading some investors to ask whether it would be better to focus on U.S. stocks only and leave foreign stocks out of the mix. The short answer is that investing in foreign equities is still important for a healthy, diversified portfolio – one that will […]

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