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Take A Tip From The Rich: Keep Your Investment Strategy Simple

Don’t get conned into thinking that you have to pony up for some complicated and risky investment strategies just to make some money. Unscrupulous financial advisors who cater to wealthy wannabees would have you think you can’t be “someone” unless you invest in private equity, hedge funds, and other high-cost investment strategies. But don’t fall […]

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Is This Bull Running Out Of Steam?

You would think that a rising market would make investors happy. But the higher it goes, and the longer this bull market persists, the more people seem to worry. While the investment future is always uncertain, here are a few facts, as well as misconceptions about the market, that may help put investors’ minds at […]

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Hindsight Bias, Or “I Knew It All Along”

Speaking last week at an investment conference, behavioral finance expert Dr. Richard Thaler of the University of Chicago warned listeners how hindsight bias can play havoc with your investment strategy. In simplest terms, hindsight bias is “the tendency to remember that our forecasts were better than they really were” or the “I knew it all along” […]

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