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Ex-NBA Star: What I Learned From Financial Mistakes

Ex-NBA star Antoine Walker learned the hard way when his lavish spending ended up with him in bankruptcy. Now he teaches rising young athletes about financial literacy so they don’t make the same mistakes he did. Looking back, the former player for the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics said during an interview with ThinkAdvisor magazine […]

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Just Why Are We So Concerned About Making Your Money Last?

Our clients know that one of the things we talk about a lot is how to make your money last. That means making smart decisions about how to invest and how much to spend each year. When you look at the facts behind longevity – how long you are likely to live – you’ll understand our […]

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Do You Have A 50/50 Chance Of Running Out Of Money?

One of the hardest tasks for financial planners is estimating how long your money needs to last. It depends, of course, on how long you live, and that’s something no one can know. We try to be conservative in our assumptions so your money doesn’t run out. “It’s far better to die with money in the […]

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I’m Going To Live How Long???

We’ve been telling clients for years that longevity – and the risk of outliving your money – is changing how you need to save and invest for retirement. Now the headlines are finally catching up to what we’ve been saying all along. “Longer life expectancies are ratcheting up the pressure on retirees to make their money […]

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