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capital group downturns 2018-02

Putting The Stock Market Slide In Context

Is watching the financial news making you nervous? This week’s stock slide has undoubtedly unnerved a few people, but let’s recall that these pullbacks are normal and expected. We usually get a 10% pullback once per year or so (see the chart below), but it’s been so quiet and calm for over a year that […]

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“Everyone Wants There To Be A Correction”

I was participating in an investment conference call today to discuss the market outlook for 2018, and one senior investment executive commented that this is “the most hated bull market ever.” What he means is despite year-after-year of positive returns, investors are still dissing this market. For years they’ve doubted the (very real) solid market […]

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5 Tips To Deal With A Coming Correction

The stock market has enjoyed a pretty steady climb upwards since the November election. Could that calm soon be coming to an end? If so, it’s a good time to brush up on market corrections and how you can take volatile and hostile markets in stride. 1).  Just what is a correction?  A correction is […]

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Is This Bull Running Out Of Steam?

You would think that a rising market would make investors happy. But the higher it goes, and the longer this bull market persists, the more people seem to worry. While the investment future is always uncertain, here are a few facts, as well as misconceptions about the market, that may help put investors’ minds at […]

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In A Market Emergency, Read This!

7 Tips To Make It Through A Week Of Market Turmoil If the market roller coaster is making you lose your cool, take a deep breath and put in play these 7 tips – one for each day of the week – to deal with all the craziness the investment world can dish out. 1.  Tune it […]

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The Correction is Here: Now What?

If you’re like many investors, you watched last Friday’s 500+ point stock market sell off with a mixture of shock and awe. The decline was unrelenting, prompted in part by concerns of economic slowing in China. That represented a 3% loss for the day, meaning we may now be entering a “correction” or a period marked by 10% declines from […]

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