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Went To Cash In March? Why You May Regret It Now

It’s harder than you think to time the market. You have to pick the right day to get out. Then you have to pick the right day to get back in. That’s why the pros strongly counsel against it, and advise you instead to start off with the right allocation mix and stick with it […]

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Wouldn’t It Be Great If Market Timing Worked?

The market climbs two hundred points, turns around and drops three hundred points the next day, then reverses again and locks in another multi-hundred point move. Talking heads on CNBC claim to know where it’s going. But do they really? Is foretelling market movements the sign of a market pro? Or just the pitch of a glorified snake-oil salesman? For […]

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Quote Of The Week: Marketing Timing

“My clients pay me a lot of money so I can tell them that I don’t know the future,” says Allan Roth, a certified financial planner based in Colorado Springs, Colo. “The more we try to time the market, the worse we do.” John Kimelman, “The Timeless Allure of Stock-Market Timers,” Barron’s, October 28, 2014

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Buying High, Selling Low

Are you convinced that the secret to successful investing is buying when the market is on the way up, then selling in time to avoid a pullback?  If that is indeed the secret to success, then it’s such a well kept secret that virtually no one knows how to do it. In fact, most people manage […]

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