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2020-10 Morningstar retirement spending smile

Why Your Spending In Retirement Looks Like A “Smile”

Our clients already know that we spend a lot of time researching the finances of retirement so we can help you get the most satisfaction out of your retirement years. Previous research has suggested that your spending tends to balloon in the “go-go” years just after retirement as you cram travel, eating out, and all […]

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What’s The Right Amount To Spend In Retirement?

What’s the right amount to spend in retirement? Spend too much, and you run out of money too early. Spend too little, and you miss out on fun and meaningful experiences. It’s not so easy to come up with the right answer. That’s why we “spend” so much time working with clients to make it […]

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Just Why Are We So Concerned About Making Your Money Last?

Our clients know that one of the things we talk about a lot is how to make your money last. That means making smart decisions about how to invest and how much to spend each year. When you look at the facts behind longevity – how long you are likely to live – you’ll understand our […]

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Quote Of The Week: Enjoy The Holidays Without Guilt

Here’s some good advice from financial columnist Jane Bryant Quinn just in time for the holidays. Jane reminds retirees and others living on a budget that it’s always important to make good decisions and monitor what they spend, but there’s no need  to “sacrifice needlessly.” “There’s no harm in spending even more of your disposable income […]

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The Secret To Retirement: Is It How You Invest, Or How Much You Spend?

At our firm, we start the year by reaching out to clients to review their investment objective and see if any changes are in order. We find this a useful exercise to make sure clients’ portfolios properly reflect their goals and changing needs. Your investment objective summarizes your overall portfolio goals (like “growth,” or “growth and income”) and provides […]

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Underspenders: Here’s How To Get More Pleasure From Your Money

Almost 1/3 of retirees deny themselves small splurges that they could easily afford. Here’s how to get more pleasure from your money: We spend a lot of time warning retirees about overspending. You’ve all heard of the 4% rule of thumb? That means you can pull 4% from your retirement savings each year and not run out […]

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