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Roth Conversions and Back Door Roths: What To Know Before It’s Too Late

The headlines are scary. Are Roth conversions going away? Should you rush to convert now before it’s too late? Is this the end of backdoor Roths? And what is a backdoor Roth anyway? In all fairness, the headlines are confusing and are running a few steps ahead of reality. Keep in mind that, when it […]

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When A Roth 401(k) Is The Best Option

We chatted with two young clients on the phone the other day about the best option for their 401(k) plans. They’re married and in their early thirties. Should they use the Roth 401(k) option available in their company’s plan? Or should they opt for the traditional, deductible 401(k) option? To give them the right answer, […]

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